Surface Mounting an LED Panel?

Have a job with a low plasterboard ceiling?

Don’t like big ugly Surface Boxes?

Meet the solution – The Ricoman Z Clips. Designed to fit our Edge Lit Panels.

Ricoman ZClip

We designed these clips to bolt on to the back of our Edge-Lit LED panel. By simply creating a hole for the driver, and 4 x 20mm holes for the clips, the panel snaps up to the ceiling like a downlight!

The LED Panel fits hard to the ceiling, so that all that’s left below the ceiling is the thickness of the panel!

A typical surface frame is 50-100mm deep. The Egde lit panels are only 12mm deep.

Kip Marina chose them because the Ricoman Z Clips offer a more aesthetically pleasing option than surface boxes.

If you can think of other reasons to choose them, we’d love to hear them?

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