Energy Saving

The fundamental purpose of lighting is to meet the needs of the people in the room, yet this is often overlooked when undertaking energy saving projects.

Putting People First

As the lighting is there to serve the needs of the people, we will put the needs of your business and its’ people front and centre of your energy saving proposal, and help you find the perfect balance between meeting the lighting requirements for the tasks being undertaken, and saving money on your energy bills by utilising state of the art technologies to achieve your optimal savings.

Every type of business has it’s own lighting requirements to ensure that it operates safely and efficiently. The most common mistake made by businesses when carrying out Energy Saving Projects, is to look only at the savings, often ending with poor lighting levels, which negatively affect the operation of the business, and sometimes the safety of the workers.

Using a qualified, experienced lighting engineer, is the best way to maximise the savings, while  making sure you meet all the correct lighting levels.

Professional Service

As part of our Energy Saving Proposals, we will provide you with a lighting design where required, energy calculations showing  your expected monetary and carbon savings, whole life costs with anticipated payback, plus we will also help guide you where funding is required.

When replacing traditional lighting with LED, it is often possible to enhance savings by re-designing the layout to reduce the number of fittings, which can have the effect of reducing, not just the capital cost, but the installation cost as well.

A More In Depth Analysis

By using our expertise to look at your project in depth, you can be sure that our proposal will provide you with true value for money.

If you have an energy saving project for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Save Energy with
2020 vision lighting

Traditional lighting can very expensive and has a huge impact not only financially but environmentally. We can save you money on your energy bills by utilising state of the art technologies to optimise your Lighting.

At 2020 Vision Lighting, our aim is to provide you with a bespoke service that brings your vision for your business or home to light.

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