Ricoman Estrella Pro Lighting

Ricoman Estrella Pro Lighting

The Ricoman Estrella Pro Lighting family is extremely versatile. For this project, the fittings were combined into continuous runs, and fed from a single point. The range offers surface, suspended and recessed options, with the suspended version used on this job. There are multiple lengths available, and each length in multiple outputs. This gives the flexibility to create the right lighting levels for any application. In addition, the family offers a choice of seven different types of louvre or diffuser. For getting creative, there are bends, tees and cross overs, plus the couplers to create the longer runs. It doesn’t end there though. You can choose the body colour, black & white being standard, but any RAL colour is possible. Finally, lighting controls, from different dimming protocols, to DMX or Casambi controlled RGBW. It truly is a range worth looking at.

Go With The Flow

To compliment the Estrella Pro, Ricoman offer the Flow range, which encompasses curves, twists, and much more.

Winning Combination

On this job, we changed the spec from AN Other manufacturer. Often, clients look to save money on a job, or the availability of the spec’d fittings is too long. This is usually where we win with the Ricoman Estrella Pro Lighting Range. The specified fittings on this job, was available in only one length, and two outputs. But despite this, the manufacturer was quoting 10-12 weeks delivery. We matched the lengths of runs, the outputs, provided lighting calculations, to prove lighting levels, and won the job. The fact that Ricoman manufactured & delivered in under 4 weeks was a factor. The estrella Pro fittings have a life to L70 of 100,000 hours, and are very competitively priced. The combination of the quality, flexibility, competitiveness, and short manufacturing times, is a winning combination.

Ricoman Estrella Pro Lighting


The fittings themselves use Samsung single bin chips, and come with a 5 year warranty. The life of 100,000 hours to L70, outperforms many contemporaries, who only offer 50,000 hours life. For drivers Tridonic and Helvar are the weapons of choice, a major factor in achieving the life. Every fitting is tested prior to leaving the production line, so faulty units are extremely rare.

Ricoman Estrella Pro Lighting

Simplicity of Installation

The Ricoman Estrella Pro Lighting range also benefits from simplicity of design. By using a system of Start, Middle and End fittings, each run only requires a single power input. All the other connections are internal, making it an installer’s dream. On this job, there were multiple long runs, but thanks to the above system, minimal wiring is required.

Ricoman Estrella Pro Lighting

Designing with the Ricoman Estrella Pro Lighting Range

As a lighting designer, I find the Ricoman Estrella Pro Lighting range a dream to work with. The fittings come in 4 lengths, with each length available in 2 or 3 outputs. The lumen outputs per metre are matched, so you can combine fittings of different lengths and get continuous uniform light. I’ve yet to find a job where I can’t get a combination that will offer the correct levels and uniformity. The original spec on this had fittings at 1.1m long in runs of 3.3m and 4.4m. With the Estrella Pro, fittings up to 2.2m are available, so it’s considerably less work for designer and installer. As you’ll see, with the Ricoman fittings, each of those runs comprised only 2 fittings, instead of 3 and 4 with the original spec.

Ricoman Estrella Pro Lighting


More office environments are moving away from suspended ceilings and LED panels. If you have suspended ceilings, we can offer LED panels, and other lighting for it. But if you’re looking for something different, the Ricoman Estrella Pro Lighting range is worth a look. The concensus on this job was that the Estrella Pro range was vastly superior to the original spec. Sometimes you set out to Value Engineer a job, and you Value for Money the job!

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