Encounter a Burgess Ceiling where an LED Panel won’t fit?

We have done a number of projects involving a Burgess, Armstrong and SAS ceiling. You can see the LED panel in the photo, offset in the ceiling, sitting flush with the surrounding tiles.

It’s the type of ceiling where the tile, usually metal, clips up into the frame, and there’s no visible grid for an LED Panel to sit on.

If you come across this type of ceiling, don’t worry, we have a solution!

As part of the range of LED Panel Accessories, Ricoman manufacture a set of clips to fit our LED panels into these ceilings. And they are re-assuringly inexpensive.

If you come across a job like this, get in touch. As the agent for Ricoman in Scotland, we’ll help you by trying the sample fitting in the ceiling to make sure it fits. They’ve fitted in every ceiling we’ve tried so far.

Have a job with a clip in ceiling?

Get in touch.