LED Street Lighting at Inverclyde Royal Infirmary

Inverclyde Royal Infirmary - Luxultra LED Street Light

Inverclyde Royal Infirmary - Luxultra LED Street Light

LED Street Lighting @ Inverclyde Royal Infirmary

LUXULTRA Jupiter LED Street Lighting fittings to replace a number of failed metal halide fittings.

Lighting calculations were provided to the client to prove lighting levels prior to winning the contract.

LED Street Light Fitting

Led provides a perfect balance of energy saving and improving lighting levels for car parks and road lighting. many older street lighting was sodium, giving off a yellow or amber light, and the cleaner white light from LEDs is preferred by most drivers.

It also offers more options for dimming, with many local authorities using a lower lighting level in off peak hours. By comparison traditional street lighting could not be dimmed.





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July 21, 2022

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