Ricoman Estrella Pro RGBW at Bathgate Gym

The Ricoman Casambi Controlled RGBW Lighting in the Estrella Pro range is extremely versatile.

So when a client had the idea to create a Noughts and Crosses effect for the lighting in his Gym refurb in Bathgate, it was the only choice. We decided to fit his Gym with Casambi controlled RGBW lighting from Ricoman.


The Estrella Pro range of lighting offers the possibility of combining linear fittings with corners, crossovers and tees to create unlimited combinations of lighting layouts. In addition, it offers multiple choices in length of fittings, outputs, colour temperature, RGBW or CCT, and seven choices of louvre or diffuser. With the capability of surface, suspended or recessed aplications, we believe, it truly is a market leader.

To compliment the Estrella Pro Linear range, Ricoman’s Flow range offers sections in curves and twists to make up a plethora of complimentary options. From a simple circle to complex flower patterns, if you can bend it in your mind, we may be able to create it with lighting.

The job took a number of twists and turns, but, the client finally settled on a pattern of crosses surface mounted on his ceiling. Ricoman manufacture this range in their facility in Salford, Manchester, and the whole order was turned around in roughly 4 weeks.


For the contractor, John Noble Electrical, the installation was simple, as the fittings were supplied factory made into the cross shapes, with the Casambi controls built in. This means that they are installed like any ordinary light fitting, and all the magic happens inside.

Ricoman Estrella Pro RGBW at Bathgate Gym - White


After installing, commissioning is carried out. The client had chosen to control the lighting from an iPad. Installing the Casambi App, creating the client’s network and updating the firmware is the boring bit. With all the individual fittings paired into the network, I set about creating a range of scenes with different configurations.

The beauty of Casambi controlled RGBW lighting systems, is that it allows control of every individual fitting, all together or in any combination of groups. All controlled at the touch of a “button” in the App. Giving true flexibility, without over complication.

Estrella Pro RGBW Red at Bathgate Gym

Once set up, the client can simply switch the created scenes on and off at a touch of the app. Alternatively, they can play about with the settings to create their own, and it’s pretty quick and simple to learn.

Casambi Gallery Function

Once I’d created a range of preset scenes for the client, the small details can be attended to. In my experience, the “Gallery” function on the Casambi App is a favourite with clients. Often they want a simple form of control for their staff, and the “Gallery” function ticks that box. A photo of the actual room is taken, and small spheres are placed over the fittings. By tapping on the ball relating to a fitting, or group of fittings on the photo, the fitting will switch on/off/dim etc.


Casambi Gallery Function


No two jobs are the same. The nature of the job will often dictate the choice of controls. Where whole-house systems, like Lutron Homeworks is used, DMX would probably be used for RGBW control. Perhaps 0-10v, DALI or mains for dimming. If the loads are high, then 0-10v or DALI is better. For small RGBW Strip aplications, a DMX Colour wheel may be apropriate. But in jobs where re-wing is not an option, systems like Casambi win. On this occasion, the Casambi device was installed in the fittings. On other jobs, we will use an in-line device before the first fitting to control the circuit. This flexibility allows the creation of a multitude of lighting effects, simply not possible a few years ago. So, if you have a lighting project, casambi Coltrolled RGBW Lighting may be the solution for you.

Iain Ross MSLL

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